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Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP (VC)

Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP (VC) for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone BiG Pack 1290 HDP (VC) for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



These days roughly one in every 10 big balers sold worldwide is a KRONE BiG Pack 1290 HDP. This machine delivers high-density 120 x 90 cm square bales.

Get the field cleared fast 
Harvesting a crop that yields 4 tons of straw per hectare and producing 500 kg bales rather than the 400 kg from a conventional big baler cuts the number of bales to be collected by two per hectare. Even though the machine uses higher quality twine – KRONE recommends the KRONE excellent HDP Strong² – twine costs drop by up to 25% courtesy of the higher baling density.

Cutting costs
The profitability and cost-effectiveness of straw baling depends to a great extent on the baling, transportation and storage costs. KRONE has the answer with the HDP system. The up to 25% higher density bales cut the production costs per ton, increasing the profit potential of professional straw sales. A BiG Pack HDP is your guarantee of success. It’s the smart way to work.

The HDP concept
Back in 2003, KRONE took an in-depth look at how to optimize the straw haulage chain.

Large-scale bale handling involves the following aspects:  

  • collection and handling is time consuming  
  • expensive labor  
  • expensive logistics  
  • inadequate use of truck capacity  
  • large storage capacities needed

The only way to optimize all parameters was to increase bale weights by increasing densities.
And so the concept of the High-Density Press was born. 


The BiG Pack (BPx05) programme BiG Pack 1290 HDP VC
(BP 405-21)
Chamber width x height cm 120 x 90 (3'11" x 2'11")
Bale length m 1.0 - 3.2 (3'3" - 10'6")
Tractor power Min. kW/hp 180 /245
Pick-up work width DIN m 2.35 (7'9")
Length in transport position m 8.85 (29'0")
Length in working position Approx. m 10.31 (32'11")
Height m 3.45 (11'4")
Width mm 2.99 (9'10")
Min weight** approx. t 14,700 (32,408 lbs)
Tyres for the 40 km/h single axle -
Tyres for 60 km/h tandem axles 500/60 R22.5
620/50 R22.5
620/55 R26.5****
710/50 R26.5 (Width 3.18)****
Brakes Air/hydr
Twine storage** No. of rolls 30
PreChop Optional
Double knotter 6 series
MultiBale -
Max. no. of blades VC26 = 26 / VC51 = 51
Min. cutting length mm 44 / 22
Plunger strokes no. of strokes/minute 45
BaleCollect Optional