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Crop Care Vegetable Equipment

Growing vegetables requires several steps, from mulching and irrigation to picking ripe crops. While you can handle these tasks manually, they can be physically taxing and take a lot of time. CropCare® has your back! Our vegetable equipment makes your job so much easier:

  • Plastic Mulch Layers: Manually laying plastic mulch can take hours and several people if you have many acres. With our Plastic Mulch Layer, you can shape the bed, and cover it with plastic in a single pass! Control the width, tension, and bed height to lay your plastic mulch with ease. Attach it to your tractor and significantly cut your mulching time.
  • Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrappers: When you’re ready to remove your plastic mulch, our single and double reel lifter-wrappers attach to your tractor hitch for quick removal. With easy-to-use thumb controls, you can turn a day-long job into a couple of hours. Lift, wrap, and save!
  • High Boom Trailer Vineyard Sprayers: Running an orchard or vineyard involves tight spaces larger sprayers can’t reach. Our high boom trailer vineyard sprayers can attach to an ATV for advanced maneuverability through tree and vine plots.
  • High-Pressure Produce Sprayers: Fungicides and pesticides are critical for growing produce. With our high-pressure produce sprayers, you can deliver a powerful and uniform spray to your vegetables for healthy crops at every harvest. Reduce time spent and enjoy a more consistent spray.
  • 3-Point Shielded Boom Sprayers: Different produce requires different care. With the 3PT shielded boom sprayers, clear shields prevent herbicides from touching other plants. Adjustable sections give you complete control of your spray in every part of your field.
  • Picking Assistants: Planting, weeding and harvesting are crucial steps in vegetable growth. Our picking assistants create a comfortable vehicle for these tasks. Lie on the machine’s durable bed, stay protected from the sun and rain, and control your speed as you rove over crops and harvest ripe vegetables.


  • PlasticMulchLayer model

    Plastic Mulch Layer

    • Lay plastic mulch flat or lay beds from 5" - 10" high.
    • 4' - 5' wide mulch/bed
  • SRPMLW model

    Single Reel Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper

    • Quick hitch compatible
    • Easy-to-operate thumb controls
  • DRPMLW model

    Double Reel Plastic Mulch Lifter-Wrapper

    • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame & components
    • Easy-to-operate thumb controls
  • ATX60 model

    ATX60 Vineyard Sprayer

    • 8' tall booms
    • Hand wand with 15' of hose
  • HPPS model

    High Pressure Produce Sprayers

    • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame & components
    • Easy-to-operate manual or electric controls
  • ShieldedBoom model

    Shielded Boom Sprayers

    • Heavy-duty powder coated steel frame & components
    • In-line filter system
  • PickingAssistant model

    Picking Assistant

    • Dual high torque gear motors
    • Dual 12 volt batteries
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