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Here at Central Jersey Equipment, we are committed to keeping an inventory of different top-quality equipment lines for you to choose from. Each line has its own unique features for different jobs in the field. Choose which one works best for you today! We offer John Deere, Frontier, Stihl, Honda, Unverferth, Krone, Landoll, CropCare, Blueline, Rears MFG. Inc., Ariends, Mean Green, Diamond Mowers, Monosem, Rome and Smart Apply. Take your time and look through our inventory and find what suits you. Stop by or call if you have any questions at all.

  • brand JD

    John Deere

    From mowers and tractors, to Gator utility vehicles, Central Jersey Equipment is well stocked with many of the most popular John Deere Products. If we don't have it we will get it for you quickly. For nearly 175 years, John Deere has offered quality products, innovative solutions and honest value.

  • brand Frontier

    Frontier Implements

    Frontier is the John Deere brand for implements including landscape, mowing, hay, seeding, and tillage equipment. From landscape rakes and boxes to 20 foot disc harrows, Frontier offers hundreds of attachments for the tractors we sell.

  • brand stihl


    While there are many handheld power equipment manufacturers in today’s market, Central Jersey Equipment chose Stihl for our stores due to the superior quality of the equipment, the wide array of equipment options, the excellent warranty program, and the strong support that Stihl provides to its dealers to keep our customers satisfied.

  • brand Honda

    Honda Power Equipment

    Honda is the premium manufacturer of generators, walk behind lawnmowers, tillers, and water pumps. This is why you will find these products in our stores.

  • brand Unverferth


    Unverferth today is a leading manufacturer and marketer of tillage equipment, pull-type sprayers, hay, manure and grain handling equipment, and agricultural dual and specialty wheels. Central jersey Equipment is your dealer for Unverferth products.

  • brand krone


    Krone was founded in Spelle, Germany, in 1906 with the intention of making farming more efficient and profitable.

  • brand Landoll


    Landoll Corp, Landoll trailers, forklifts, OEM, Farm Equipment

  • brand cropcare

    Crop Care

    CropCare® manufactures innovative and dependable agricultural sprayer and vegetable equipment for Farm and Commercial Use: 3pt and Trailer Sprayers from 55 gallon to 1000 gallons.

  • brand BL

    Blueline Mfg.

    Blueline Mfg designed this berry harvesting machine from the ground up based on grower input and identified weaknesses of other competitive berry harvesters on the market.

  • brand Rears

    Rears Manufacturing Inc.

    Rear's Manufacturing was founded in 1949 by three brothers, Jim, Hugh and Garf Rear. In the beginning Rear's provided a machinery fabrication service to local farmers in the lower Willamette Valley.

  • brand Ariens


    Ariens is called The King of Snow, and earned it. Over 3 million snow blowers produced since 1960. The #1 selling brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world. Machines that are passed down from one generation to the next. No, it’s not just a snow blower. It’s an Ariens.

  • brand MeanGreen

    Mean Green Mowers

    Mean Green Mowers are proudly manufactured in the small agricultural town of Ross, Ohio, USA with the highest degree of strength and durability utilizing aluminum alloys, high strength steel, lightening holes, and modern bending technologies.

  • brand Diamond

    Diamond Mowers

    Diamond Mowers is a company built from the ground up with American values and a Midwestern work ethic. Our first priority is to provide you with the toughest, smartest, most reliable and safest equipment in the market. For over 40 years we've offered face-to-face, handshake guarantees on every product we construct.

  • brand monosem


    Each planter leaves our factory fully calibrated with more than 50 years of engineering expertise and over 30 years of North American research and development in every component of every row unit, down to the nuts and bolts.

  • rome plow

    Rome Plow

    Rome has been the leader in setting rugged quality standards for tillage equipment for almost eighty years. Thousands of Rome Disc Plowing Harrows are on duty the world over, simplifying the job of land preparation - in every climate, and on all types of soil.  

  • Smart Apply

    Smart Apply


    With Smart-Apply’s USDA-based, easy-to-use, density-based sprayer technology, you’ll cut your pesticide use by more than half, with less waste and higher yields than conventional sprayers, giving you maximum ROI and the confidence that you’re making the best use of your resources. Smart-Apply works with most any side air blast sprayer, so you can be confident it will be compatible with your existing system.  

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