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After founding Tiger Mowers™ in 1969, Bill Doyle, Sr. sold his share to then build one of the most successful Tiger dealerships in the nation with his sons Bill Jr. and Tom. In 2000 the Doyles formed Diamond Mowers to begin manufacturing higher-quality products while delivering superior customer service.

Since its inception, Diamond Mowers has taken the mower manufacturing process to a higher level of innovative design and engineering. Unlike our competitors, Diamond is not an assembly shop. We design and manufacture our products - from the smallest parts to the largest - allowing us to control quality at every step of the process. We also offer an unprecedented 100% guarantee AND 72-hour parts shipping guarantee. And these are just some of the promises we make, and keep, to our customers.

At Diamond, we demand the best - from our products, our parts and our employees - so that you can Demand Brilliance.

  • boom mower

    Boom Mowers



    Side-Fold Booms
    Available in 19, 21 and 23-foot lengths

    Rear Cradle Booms
    Available in 21, 22, 23, 25, 28 and 30-foot

    50” and 60” Rotary Heads
    Cuts up to 8” diameter brush and trees

     44”, 50" and 63” Flail Heads
    Cuts up to 6” diameter grass/brush

    36” Forestry Head
     - Cuts up to 18” diameter
     - Very fast production (up to 10x faster than a rotary head)

    To learn more, download Diamond's Boom Forestry Head Brochure.

     Ditcher Attachment
     - Ideal for ditches

    48” Saw Head

      - Delivers clean, finished cut
      - Replaceable Carbide teeth


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  • 3 point hitch diamond mower

    3-Point Hitch Boom Mowers

    Diamond's 3-Point Hitch Booms are built to clean overgrowth from fence lines, cut back overhead trees, handle CRP and terraces, ditches, waterways and more. The mower shells are constructed of 100,000 psi steel housing - rating nearly 3x stronger than standard A36 steel.

    40" and 50" Rotary Heads
     - Cuts up to 8" diameter brush/trees

    42" and 44" Flail Head
     - Cuts up to 2" diameter grass/brush

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  • 60in side rotary mower john deere 5085m speedway 06 19 17 00012 diamond edit 2048 1024x1024

    Rotary Mowers


    Includes three, full swinging, heat treated suction knives and a heavier deck than our competitors. Our hydraulic systems provide greater hydraulic power - which results in doing more work, much faster.

    Side Rotary Mowers available in 60" or 72".

    Twin Rotary Mowers available in:
     - 60" side and 60" rear rotaries
     - 72" side and 60" rear rotaries
     - 72" side and 72" rear rotaries

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  • 75in side 102in rear twin flail deere 6130m hq 09 01 17 00109 d edit 2048x2048

    Flail Mowers


    Diamond Flail Mowers feature all purpose, self-cleaning, reversible knives; replaceable skid shoes; adjustable roller height; and will cut grass and brush up to 2".

    Side Flail Mower
     - Hydraulically driven
     - Available in 60" 75" or 90"

    Rear Flail Mower
     - 540 PTO Drive
     - Cat II 3-Point Hitch
     - Available in 90" and 102" widths

    Twin Flail Mower
     - Hydraulically driven
     - Covers larger areas
     - Highly efficient
     - Offset option ensures overlap with side flail

    Triple Flail Mower
     - Available in 17, 19 or 21.5-ft
     - Hydraulically driven
     - Most efficient to cover large area

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