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Integrated Solutions at Central Jersey EquipmentCentral Jersey Equipment is committed to providing our customers with the service and support needed to maximize the use of their IS equipment and keeping customers on the leading edge of John Deere’s Integrated Solutions technology. We will continue to have our full-time IS consultant follow through on all agreements year round and maintain our RTK towers so our customers get the value they expect. These agreements were designed to assist our IS customers in maintaining and receiving the extra value out of your IS products.


What is Integrated Solutions?

John Deere’s Integrated Solutions (IS) is a range of integrated products and services that maximize the performance of your machines and your business.

Who is it for?

Agricultural: Increase profitability with accurate guidance, remote support and online data tracking.

Contractor: Maximize productivity and deliver outstanding quality services to your customers.

Livestock: Cut input costs and improve hay and forage quality.

Speciality: Boost performance and profits with integrated guidance and repeatable accuracy.

What makes does it work with?

John Deere and all other makes.


For questions or additional information, please contact our Precision Ag Specialist, Mark Zanni (

Elmer 856-358-2880


Basic Plan Package - (IS BASIC) $150/yr

  • Dealer IS Phone Support
  • In store software updates (2x per year)
  • Invitation to IS customer clinic

Smart Plan Package - (IS SMTPL) $450/yr

  • Dealer IS Phone Support
  • On farm software updates (2x per year)
  • Seasonal setup and configuration of display
  • Calibrate receiver, check machine / implement offsets
  • Invitation to IS customer clinic

JD OPS Plan Package - (JD OPS CNTR) $250/yr

  • Download customer display data to Operation Center
  • Print color maps of recorded Data
  • EXAMPLES: Yield and Moisture maps, Seed population maps, Boundary maps



  • On farm software updates (2x per year) - $240/yr
  • Transfer and setup of display / globe - $125
  • Calibrate receiver - $85
  • Measure machine / implements offsets - $200
  • IS service rate - $125/hr
  • All hardware-related issues will be taken care of by the service department, repairs will be charged at an hourly rate by the service department. Examples of hardware related issues include failed sensors (moisture, mass flow, flow meter, steering sensor)



Planter Field Performance Check - (IS PFP) $495

  • RowCommand measurement setup
  • Setting downforce and margin
  • Adjusting alarms and limits with Seedstar XP
  • Ensure correct documentation is setup for collecting data

Combine Field Calibration - (IS CFC) $495

  • Execute proper standard and low flow calibrations on 70 series and older machines
  • Execute proper multi point yield calibration on S-Series combines
  • Ensure moisture temperature and mass flow sensor vibration calibrations are complete
  • Verify documentation and Variety information is setup correctly and Homepages are optimized for field operating totals

Tractor / Implement - (IS IMP) $200

  • Optimize setting to save fuel, time and money
  • Ensure the implement will work the way you want
  • Verify documentation information is setup correctly and Homepages are optimized for field totals
  • Adjust overlap in field measurements


*Optimization plans should be scheduled in advance with the service department prior to being in the field





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