John Deere AD12 Series Grapple Buckets
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Heavy-duty grapples

Built to weather the toughest conditions Built to weather the toughest conditions

Frontier™ AD12 Series Bucket Grapples are made of heavy-duty steel to resist bending and provide longer wear capability.


The slim design provides excellent visibility and is strong enough to grab large, heavy items.

Super-quick connection

Fits current 600 and 700 Series Loaders Fits current 600 and 700 Series Loaders
Global carrier Global carrier

Attaching the debris bucket to a John Deere loader is easy with the quick-change and global attaching systems.


Just line up the loader's connecting points to the attachment frame and lock in place.

Field-installed bolt-on cutting edge kits for AD12D Series Grapple Buckets

These are replacement cutting edge blades for the AD12 Series Grapple Buckets.

Toothbar kit for cutting on AD12 Series Debris Grapple Buckets and AY12 Series Four-in-One Buckets

Toothbars break up soil composition and allow for better digging. The kits come in a variety of lengths for root grapple buckets and four-in-one buckets, and some are bolt on and some are not, as identified in the bundle descriptions below.


Width 243.8 cm
96 in.
Height 73.7 cm
29 in.
Depth 104.1 cm
41 in.
Cutting width 243.8 cm
96 in.
Clam opening 100.1 cm
39.4 in.

Attachment carrier

Current series style 600 and 700


Operational 567 kg
1,250 lb
Shipping 589.7 kg
1,300 lb

Hydraulic cylinders

Type Two-double-acting

Clamp force

Closed 6,672.3 N
1,500 lb-ft



Set-up time

Labor hours 0.25


Time period 1 year

Additional information

Date collected

Key Specs

Clam opening
Clamp force - Closed
Current series style
Cutting width
Hydraulic cylinders - Type

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