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John Deere Engine Gaskets

John Deere Engine Gaskets

You can't see the difference, but your engine can.

Some manufacturers claim their engine parts meet or exceed John Deere specifications. However, these look-alikes cannot compete with the continuous technology improvements of genuine John Deere parts. Even though the differences might be small, the advancements make a big difference in retaining the performance and reliability of John Deere engines.

If you work your engine, don't take a chance on just any gasket. The lowest cost of ownership comes from doing it right the first time. John Deere gaskets are precisely designed for reliable performance, keeping internal air, oil, and fuel inside the engine while leaving external contaminants outside the engine.

5-layer design

John Deere head gaskets feature a 5-layer design that ensures they seal completely and provide more protection for the engine. Graphite facing provides superior surface sealing. Perforated steel laminate bonds the gasket internally. A solid steel core provides protection from high pressures and intense heat.

Cylinder armors

Cylinder armors are connected wire rings or eyelets that surround the cylinders to seal out high combustion pressures. John Deere uses thicker wires to allow the cylinder armors to push against the cylinder with more force and form a tighter combustion seal. The ring is also welded together evenly for a better seal and robust performance.

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