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Each planter leaves our factory fully calibrated with more than 50 years of engineering expertise and over 30 years of North American research and development in every component of every row-unit, down to the nuts and bolts.


  • NGPlus4Series

    NG Plus 4 Series

    Monosem designed the NG Plus 4 row unit with the ability to customize it to fit your farming operation straight from the factory rather than adapting your farm operation to the equipment. The NG Plus 4 row unit brings you the four critical components you expect out of a precision row unit.

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  • MS


    Monosem MS planters plant both raw, encrusted, and pelleted seeds, reducing seed cost and thinning labor. The MS metering unit has been specially designed for small seed crops. The meter housing is made out of brass and has a cast aluminum cover with an adjustable fiber seal to keep a tight fit. The seed is picked up by vacuum at a low point in the cover allowing the meter to plant even at a very low seed level. A shoe opener creates an extremely low seed drop to maintain proper seed spacing. The front gauge wheel provides consistent seed depth control while the intermediate press wheel and rear press wheel provide proper seed-to-soil contact for optimal emergence. The simplicity of adjustments make planting multiple different crops quick and easy.

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  • NC

    NC Shoe-Type Planter

    The NC shoe-type planter is a uniquely simple design with the precision of the patented Monosem vacuum metering system, which provides economical, trouble-free planting with low maintenance. The NC row unit is designed to fit on a 5×5 toolbar to keep the planter light and capable of being carried by a small hp tractor. The NC planter provides a low drop point allowing for a shorter distance for the seed to travel from the meter to the soil. The single wheel in the back provides the depth control.

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