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875/876 Series Tilloll

"One Trip" Proven Seedbed Preparation Machine

Conditions at planting time are all-important to crop yields, and soil conditions and seedbed preparations are a major factor.  Leveling, incorporating and bringing the soil to a nearly perfect seedbed condition in one trip across the field is what the Tilloll from Landoll is all about. Reducing field trips will save fuel, operator labor and equipment dollars.  Combining field trips also conserves moisture and provides a firmer seedbed.  The soil is worked fewer times, depositing erosion resistant residue and coarser soil on the surface to prevent sealing.  Chemicals are successfully mixed throughout the seedbed in a single high-speed pass.

True One Pass Tool

The Landoll 875/876 Series Tilloll was designed from the ground up as a true one pass seedbed preparation tool, not as an afterthought as a modified field cultivator.  The Tilloll has 10 degree disc angles with spray shields behind the disc gangs to knock down soil to allow a smooth surface for chemical application.  The Tilloll offers spring cushion shanks with 10” sweeps; under frame clearance is 25 1/2”.  There is an incorporating reel behind the shanks to mix and blend the soil with the finer particles in the seedbed zone while incorporating chemicals.  Clods and residue are left on the surface to curtail erosion.  The field is finished with a heavy-duty three bar spike harrow.

Unique Design

The incorporation reel and the spray shield are unique to the design of the Landoll 875/876 Tilloll. The unique disc combination resists conventional disc ridging.  Couple that with the adjustable three bar spike harrow and you have the recipe for the finest finisher in the industry.  Nobody does it better than Landoll when it comes to making the perfect seedbed in one trip across the field!