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Krone Comprima CF 155 XC Plus

Krone Comprima CF 155 XC Plus for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone Comprima CF 155 XC Plus for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



Comprima F 155 XC Plus • Comprima CF 155 XC Plus

  • The round baler - Comprima F 155 XC Plus 
  • The baler wrapper - Comprima CF 155 XC Plus 
  • Flexible – choice of six bale sizes and 1.25-1.50 m Diameters
  • Cost-effective - the simple and uncluttered design


The Comprima F and CF Plus from KRONE are fixed chamber balers with semi-variable bale chambers. These machines produce high-density and well-shaped bales of six different diameters. Built from heavy-duty components they are extremely solid and sturdy. They are also very cost-effective and exceptionally easy to operate and service – thanks to their uncluttered build and design. 

The Comprima F 155 XC Plus model produces 1.25-1.50 m diameter bales. Operators simply set the required diameter in 5 cm increments on an easy-to-use system. The semi-variable bale chamber produces a softer and very small core – also in large-diameter bales. This gives the bales a great density, helps them retain their shape and makes them heavier.

Three components are key to the semi-variable bale chamber: the tensioning arm, the suspension strut and the tensioning kinematics. The top tensioning arm is pulled down and as it does so, it increases the available space inside the chamber and allows more material to enter. The path of the tensioning arm is limited by a pin that is set on the outside of the machine. This defines the diameter of the bale.

The combination baler wrapper Comprima CF 155 XC Xtreme has all the features of the Comprima F X-treme plus a powerful wrapper with twin-arms which orbit at 36 rpm. The wrapping table forms a deep cradle and has big bobbins on the sides that ensure the bale is effectively rolled during the wrapping cycle even when the conditions are more than difficult. The table can also be used for depositing the bales in pairs.

After the bale chamber opens the bale is transferred to the wrapping table by a lever. Activated only after the gauge roller senses a high weight, this lever transfers the bale safely to the wrapping table.

The pick-up EasyFlow 

  • Reliable and effective – 6 mm double tines arranged in a W-line and large-diameter Coils
  • A clean rake – extra wide pick-up for thorough, consistent and clean rakes 
  • Simple and effective - no cam track means fewer moving parts, less service and maintenance and extremely quiet running


The EasyFlow pick-up pivots sideways and is known as the pick-up that clears the field effectively even in the most difficult conditions and at high work rates. More than that, its rugged build with very few moving parts gives an exceptionally dependable performance. 

KRONE had good reasons for opting against cam track controlled tines on the EasyFlow pick-up. Instead of using many moving parts that are prone to wear, KRONE prefers special strippers that ensure the angle and length of the tines is always correct. Measuring 6 mm in diameter and mounted with large coils, the tines are particularly vigorous and hard-wearing. Arranged in five helical rows on the EasyFlow rotor and spaced at narrow 55 mm, they allow EasyFlow to pick up even short and heavy crops without losses. 

The crop press roller supports the work of the pick-up by detecting the size of the swath and preparing it for effective gathering. Its height is adjusted easily to adapt to the swath volume and ground speed.

The EasyFlow pick-up is guided by two small side-mounted gauge wheels. Its height is changed by refitting a pin in a hole pattern. The guide wheels are castering and can pivot flexibly for effective tracking in curves without scuffing.

The XCut cutting system

  • Powerful - large-diameter rotor
  • Quiet running - helical tine rows 
  • Sharp - superior cutting quality
  • Flexible - 17 or 26 blades
  • Robust - hard-wearing rotor


The XCut cutting system comprises the feed rotor and the blade cassette for superior crop feeds, quiet running and exceptional cutting quality. The components in the blade cassette are also made from heard-wearing materials to match the Hardox steel rotor cutter.

Should the feed chamber block up in difficult conditions, the operator simply lowers and raises the blade cassette hydraulically to remove the blockage. If the unit is specified with hydraulic blade group control, the blades will also be retracted automatically to clear the chamber and allow the crop to flow again.

Featuring three helical rows of tines and a massive 53cm diameter, the powerful XCut rotor has the capacity to provide consistent crop flows and precision cuts while spreading the material across the full width of the feed chamber, which is essential for forming firm edges. The rotor is made from hard tempered material (Hardox steel) for extra longevity.

The cutting rotor is powered by oversize spur gears which cope with the highest possible loads. They provide the rotor with the most dependable drive even in less than uniform swaths.

The double tines pull the crops consistently through the blades. The gap between the tines and the blades is extremely small so that not a single haulm will pass the blades without cutting. This so-called controlled cut is very precise and requires only little power input

To fit or remove the blades, simply lower the blade cassette. Then release the springs on all blades by operating a single lever. and remove the blades conveniently from above.

The blades are spring loaded, which allows them to break back when hitting an object and then resume their working position automatically after the object has passed, a system that results in dependable and high-quality cuts.

Depending on the required length of cut, the blade cassette of the XCut cutting system has a maximum of 17 or 26 blades. When 8, 9 or 17 blades are in working position, the nominal chop length is 128 mm or 64 mm whereas the use of 13 or 26 blades reduces the chop length to 84 mm or 42 mm.

The standard manual control is a long lever that takes little effort to operate. This way you can quickly adjust the number of blades to varying conditions and customer needs.

The hydraulic blade group control system is an option and the system is operated from the convenience of the cab, saving valuable time.

The NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevator

  • Strong and powerful - the heavy-duty design
  • Maximum pressures - top bale densities
  • Quiet running - smoothest operation 
  • Light and easy - for low input power 
  • Saving time - no servicing required


NovoGrip is an endless belt-and-slat elevator that is made up of rubber fabric belts and horizontal metal slats that form high-density and well-shaped bales. All Comprima Plus models have extra strong NovoGrip components. NovoGrip offers ultimate strength and longevity and forms perfect bales from the heaviest silage. 

The robust and endless rubber fabric belts with metal slats achieve unsurpassed baling densities. The system relies on an extremely high tension of the belts that effectively transfers the drive power to the bale. The slat holders mount well protected between the rubber lugs and are bolted in bushes for great durability. 

The core of a NovoGrip belt is made up of tear-resistant layers of plastic and fabric to which two layers of rubber lugs are vulcanized. This particular design accounts for the unique strength, elasticity, and longevity of these belts. 

The NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevator is driven and directed by massive pulleys and sprockets, which ensure the belt copes with the highest loads and is extremely durable. The belt-and-slat elevator at the front has even two drives so the variable bale chamber is able to handle the most difficult conditions. 

The strong 1½-inch chains withstand any strain. Springloaded chain tensioners and auto lubrication and greasing reduce service and maintenance and extend chain life. Controlled by a flow meter, the chain oil is applied at just the proper rate.

The tying system 

  • Versatile and flexible - applying net and peripheral film 
  • Safe - short distance of the wrapping material to the bale
  • Great visibility - the operator has an unimpeded view of the baling process
  • Comfortable - automatic start of tying 


The net / film wrapping system on a Comprima Plus is extremely reliable and easy to use. 

The net wrap system is standard specification but you can also opt for the peripheral film wrap unit. This type of stretch film, which runs 1.28 m wide and is adhesive on one side, increases the quality of silage bales, because it exerts a greater pressure on the outer layers of the bale, reducing the amount of air trapped in it and making it easier to break up on the feeding floor. 

The tying unit applies the net or film across the full width of the bale and covers its edges. KRONE has eliminated stretching the film at the start of tying and gathering it before cutting, which saves time and material.

After the net or film is applied, the knife cuts the material automatically and across the full width.

The wrapper 

  • Fast – Due to the powerful double wrapper
  • Dependable & reliable – effective bale roll on the table
  • Clean film cuts – by controlled blades 
  • Tidy wraps – generous overlap
  • High efficiency – load sensing hydraulics for swift cycles


The Comprima Plus wrapper wraps the bales fast and reliably – even in difficult conditions and in sloping fields. The entire wrapping cycle is fully automated.

The table on the Comprima Plus wrapper forms a deep cradle and has big bobbins on either side that fix the faces of the bale as it is being rolled – an ideal setup for dependable operation in sloping

fields. A bale weighing system can be integrated in the table as an option. The system logs the individual and total bale weights and displays the readings on the in-cab screen. 

The wrapper has powerful twin dispensers to match the high output rates of Comprima Plus. Orbiting at 36rpm, the high performance dispensers finish the wrapping cycle in no time at all. 

The dispenser stretches the film to a 50% or 70% pre-stretch, depending on the gearwheel pairing of the drive. This ensures the bale density is maintained and the film is used efficiently. The dispenser has integrated film break detection relying on sensors that detect magnetic fields. When the system detects a film break, it shuts off the defective roll and wrapping continues with only the other dispenser in action.

The film cutters provide extreme functional safety. You cut the film with the scissors. This direct way of cutting eliminates lose film ends.

There are two large film roll compartments on either side of the machine which store up 12 spare rolls of film, protecting them from rain and dust. Powerful LED lights are also available as an option in this area. The film roll holders roll holders fold down for convenient removal and refills.

The rubber mat is standard specification and protects the film from damage as it is placed on the ground. Equipped with a roll, the optional bale turner turns the bale gently on its face. If it is not required, it is simply folded up against the wrapping table. No need to remove it.

If not used for wrapping, the table can be used for depositing the bales in pairs, which leads to great time savings in clearing the field.

Service and maintenance 

  • Convenient and safe – easy access to all service points
  • Automatic lubrication – one lubricator attends to all chains and bearings
  • Reliable and on time – automatic chain tensioning

Designed to deliver highest densities and outputs, Comprima Plus offers even more. Thanks to its uncluttered design and exemplary accessibility All this translates into particularly easy servicing and maintenance. Active chain lubrication and auto lubrication are standard features that minimize the time spent on servicing the machine.

The sprockets have large diameters to minimize the strain on the chain. This in combination with the automatic chain tensioner leads to a significant reduction of wear and as such to time and cost savings. 

A central chain lubricator with piston pump and a large 7l reservoir reduce the time spent on servicing the machine to a minimum and makes Comprima Plus an even more reliable and cost-effective machine. Controlled by a flow meter, the chain oil is applied at just the proper rate. 

The side panels open wide offering easy access to all drives, components and assemblies. Servicing the machine is fast and safe also at night, thanks to the LED lights under the side panels. Furthermore, LED lights around the chamber net/film unit make working at night also as easy as during the day. 

Comprima Plus has heavy-duty spherical roller bearings with enhanced sealing. The bearings are auto lubricated for long service life. 

Auto lubricators are a standard feature on Comprima Plus. Grouped in a bank, all lubrication feed lines are automatically supplied from the central grease reservoir and apply the grease on demand to the individual points. The system makes sure all nipples get the necessary attention, including those that are difficult to get at - a detail that helps eliminate potential downtime. The auto lubricator minimizes the time you spend on servicing the machine, boosts your productivity, reliability and machine life.


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