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Krone KWT 10.02

Krone KWT 10.02 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone KWT 10.02 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



KWT 7.82 • KWT 8.82 • KWT 10.02 • KWT 11.22

Trailed six/eight/ten-rotor tedders with transport chassis

  • 7.8 m -11.0 m work widths
  • Sequence control for maximum operator comfort
  • Wide transport running gear with large wheels for 40 km/h
  • Pivoting running gear enhances weight distribution


The transport running gear makes these rotary tedders ideal for smaller tractors with smaller lift capacities despite their wider working width.

The working position - In the field, the running gear is up, which leads to a balanced distribution of the overall machine weight and hence to a perfect and uniform spread across the full work width. All clear for the rotors.

The tires - Large 10.0/75 – 15.3 tires on the transport running gear give quiet running and stability in rough and bogie terrain as well as when travelling at 40 km/h to the next site.

The transport running gear - The KWT 7.82 and KWT 8.82 running gears lift and lower via two single-acting and accumulator dampened rams whereas the KWT 10.02 and KWT 11.22 are operated by two double-acting rams.

The toothed segments - The toothed wheels support the hydraulic rams and increase the transport running gear’s forward swivel range for enhanced weight distribution during headland turns.

Tractor attachment -  Attachment to the tractor is via a two-point hitch, which avoids damage to the driveshaft should the link arms be raised accidentally. The foldable stand locks home automatically.

The V-frame - The KWT with transport running gear is pulled by a sturdy v-frame. The design and the wide-angle driveshaft on the pivoting headstock make for tightest headland turns.

Ground contouring - The pivoting two-point headstock floats in its mountings to adapt to all ground contours, preventing any torsional force from developing and acting on the frame.

The pivoting drawbar - As the swinging drawbar is the preferred tractor attachment in a number of countries, we offer the trailed rotary tedder KWT 8.82 DB with a height-adjustable swinging drawbar for customers in these specific countries.

The drawbar - The sturdy drawbar is designed like a V to cope with even the harshest conditions. Which makes for easy and fast attachment and removal. The stand is steplessly adjusted to the tractor’s linkage or the linkage drawbar.

The tires on the rotors - Running on 18x8.50-8 tires, the wheels under the central rotors are larger in size to carry the transport running gear in the field. The wider tires protect the sward and give quiet running.

The leading jockey heel  - The KWT models are available with optional wheels that run ahead of the unit. Trailing freely in close vicinity to the tines and giving stepless height-adjustment, these wheels deliver absolutely clean sweeps trailing freely and giving stepless height-adjustment.

The border spreading facility  - The hydraulic border spreading system left/right is a standard feature on KWT 7.82, 8.82, 12.22 and 10.02. This system guarantees no crop is lost on the boundary and you harvest the full yield.

The hydraulic reverser  - The reversing valve on the models KWT 7.82 and KWT 8.82 activates the hydraulic border spreading system, swinging the transport running gear up and down and the rotors in and out.

The electric reverser  - KWT 10.02 and KWT 11.22 is operated via two double-acting tractor spools. An electric reversing valve is an option that allows the machine to be operated from only one single-acting spool.

The auto-sequenced folding system  - Conversion from transport to work position and vice versa is very convenient thanks to sequence control, which orchestrates the folding sections and the pivoting running gear.


Model KWT 10.02 / 10
Work width to DIN 11220                m 10.00 (32'10")
Acreage                         Approx. ha/h
Transport width                             m 2.98 (9'9")
Storage height                              m 3.50 (11'6")
Tractor power                  min. kW/hp 40/55
Weight                      Approx. kg (lbs) 1,710 (3,770)
No. of rotors 10
No. of tine arms per rotor 5
Rotor diameter                               m 1.34 (4'5")
Tires on the rotors


18x8.50-8 (middle)

Tires on transport chassis 10.0/75-15.3

Tractor Link Arms

Border spreading Hydraulic
Attachment category Cat I/II
Hydraulic spools 2 da
Spreading angle 13° - 19°

All specifications, weights and dimensions do not necessarily comply with standard specifications and are therefore not binding.