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Krone Swadro TC 1370

Krone Swadro TC 1370 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone Swadro TC 1370 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



  • Variable, 10.80 m to 13.70 m work widths
  • Hydraulic rotor suspension
  • Integral vibration damper 
  • Electric rotor height control with two selectable height options
  • 710 transport tires and 16x9.50 bogie tires are an option
  • Hydraulic beam control for less than 4.00 m transport heights
  • KRONE Easy-Line driveline for optimum swaths and rakes


The new TC 1370 four-rotor centre delivery rake makes its appearance in a new styling and with plenty of landmark features including convenient setting options that make the job a lot easier for operators and produce optimum swaths at high outputs.

Variable work width
Telescoping hydraulic arms adjust the positions of the two leading rotors left and right separately. This way, the rake can vary its working width from 10.80 m to 13.70 m to adapt to varying field conditions. The rotors resume their previous positions automatically when lowering into work.

Flexible swathing width
The swath width is adjusted irrespective of the work width by varying the distance between the two rear rotors between 1.40 m and 2.20 m. As another key feature, the tine arms on the rear rotors have five double tines which optimize the work and quality for the following harvester.

Hydraulic suspension
The hydraulic rotor suspension that is integrated in the lifting cylinders provides gentle treading also in difficult conditions. The system is set up steplessly and conveniently from the tractor and separately for the leading and rear rotors. The new and integral Soft-Down drop rate control lowers the rotors particularly softly into work – a boon for the quality of feed.

Setting the rotor height
The operator controls the work height from the terminal so there is no need to dismount the tractor. You can either adjust all rotors at the same time or each rotor separately. Also, you can program two different heights to the system and retrieve them later by fingertip control – a convenient and effective system that helps you respond instantly to varying conditions.

Choice of tire options
The transport wheels of the rake are clad with 620/40 R 22.5 tires and have air brakes as a standard feature. But you can also opt for hydraulic brakes and wider 710/35 R 22.5 tires to improve the performance in boggy terrain. Neither tyre size affects the statutory three-meter transport width. Either configuration is homologated for 40 km/h. 

Perfect contouring
The rakes that run on standard 620/40 R 22.5 transport wheels have caster-steer bogies with pivoting wheels that are clad with 16x6.50-8 tires. This tire size increases to 16x9.50-8 on those machines that run on 710/35 R 22.5 transport wheels. for absolutely clean forage and gentle treading in undulating terrain. Both tire sizes are also available for 6-wheel bogies with rear tandem axle.

The right spin
The KRONE Easy-Line driveline is the secret behind the optimal flow of the crop through the rake. This driveline has the leading rotors spin at a 25% higher speed than the rotors at the rear, presenting the material at a wider width to the rear rotors which will then rake it into a fluffy and box swath.

Easy-going headland turns
You can set and retrieve separate lift-out heights for the leading and rear rotors from the tractor terminal. But not only does the system allow you to set the lift-out height but also to time the sequences depending on conditions.

Convenient changeovers
The beam lowers hydraulically to a transport height of less than 4 m, meaning you don’t have to fold or remove any tine arms.

Rugged build
The trapezoidal frame is made from massive steel tubes that make the Swadro TC a high-stability and hard-wearing machine. The elements on the sides are mounted at an angle so they won’t collect material.

Tractor attachment to suit
The TC 1370 is attached to the tractor via the pivoting two point headstock (see photo) which allows the machine to follow tractor roll for agile maneuvering. But you can also opt for a bottom-mount 80 ball hitch.

Optimum protection
The two-piece plastic cover on the beam houses the electronics, the hydraulic chest and the spools protecting them from debris and damage.

Section control on the rake
The SectionControl feature lifts and lowers the individual rotors separately to avoid multiple rakes in awkward patches. The feature reduces operator stress and boosts productivity thanks to faster headland turns.

Easy-use terminal
The TC 1370 offers clear and comfortable navigation. You can choose between the existing ISOBUS-terminal on the tractor, the new KRONE DS 500 or CCI 800 terminal or the established CCI 1200. No matter which terminal you opt for, each terminal offers fast and straightforward operation of the entire machine from only two menu levels. An ISOBUS joystick makes operating the Swadro TC 1370 even more convenient and effective. The DS 100 is an entry-level terminal which allows operators to confirm all machine functions by fingertip control.


Four and Six- rotor center delivery rake Swadro TC 1370
Work width Single swathing - m 10.80-13.70 (35'5"-44'11")
Work width control - Hydraulic Standard
Swath width - m 1.40 - 2.20 (4'7"-8'6")
Weight - approx. kg (lbs) 5,800 (12,787)
Tractor power approx. kW/hp 59/80
Area output approx. ha/h (acres/h) 13-15 ( 32.1-37.1)
Number 4
Diameter - m 3.60/3.30 (11'10" / 10'10")
Tine Arms  
Number 4 x 13
Rigid Standard
No. of tines per arm: front/middle/rear 4 /-/5
Tine thickness - mm 10.5
Rotor height control - Electric Standard
Tyres on bogies 16x6.50-8
Separate rotor lift/lower feature Standard
Tyres on transport chassis  
Standard 620/40 R22.5
Option 710/35 R22.5
Transport width  
With standard tyres - approx. m 2.99 (9'10")
Transport height  
Tine arms (rigid or unfolded) - m 3.99 (13'1")
Storage height  
Tine arms (rigid or unfolded) - m 3.99 (13'1")
Storage length - m 9.10 (29'10")
Tractor attachment  
Lower links Standard
Ball hitch Optional