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Krone Swadro TC 1250

Krone Swadro TC 1250 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone Swadro TC 1250 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



  • Entry-level machine with variable 9.80m to 12.50m widths for newcomers to the world of four-rotor rakes
  • KRONE Easy-Line drive system for a perfect swath presentation to the baler, forage wagon and forager
  • Straightforward and fast height control with a useful scale
  • Fast changeovers to less than a 4m transport height from the cab
  • Exact and infinitely variable hydro suspension for optimum contouring
  • Individual rotor lift-out is an option and ideal in corners


The new Swadro TC 1250 marks KRONE’s entrance to the high-capacity rake sector. The machine combines heavy-duty components from professional machines with the simplicity of twin rotor rakes, making the TC 1250 the ideal all-rounder for large farming operations, machinery rings and contractors.

Strong frame
Swadro TC 1250 features a modern and appealing styling with a trapezium frame and massive tube steel arms that ensure high stability and longevity. The sloping side panels won’t collect grass, dust and debris so the machine stays clean and the roads too.

Swift and easy transport
Compact by design, less than 3m wide and less than 4m high without folding the tines, this rake makes for convenient and safe travel between fields.

Extremely maneuverable and convenient
The TC 1250 with two-point headstock pivots in the lower links for smooth and stable rides on roads and in the field. Turning through a large angle, the headstock makes for tight headland turns and effective rakes in corners, a feature that saves valuable time in narrow harvest windows.

Flexible width
The working width and also the swath width are adjusted hydraulically as a standard feature for fast adaptation to varying conditions. The arms telescope rapidly to the correct working width – wide when gathering the  last cut for presentation to the forager or narrow for the forage wagon and round baler.

Exact working heights
The operator sets the height of each individual rotor manually on the crank and reads the current height on the large scale.

Smooth powerflow
The KRONE Easy-Line increases rotor rpm on the leading units by about 25% compared with the rear units, so the leading rotors present the material in a wider mat to the ones at the rear which rake it into fluffy and boxy swaths.

All-mechanical driveline
The tractor power is transmitted to the rake by a patented crash box which sends the power flow in a straight line to the various rotors. The straight driveline minimizes wear and reduces tractor input power.

Springs at front and rear
In work, strong coil springs shift the weight of the rear rotors to the main beam and the chassis, thereby taking load off the rear rotors. By comparison, the front rotors have hydraulic suspension which is set steplessly on the on-board spool chest by switching from lift-out to suspension and vice versa, allowing the machine to adapt easily and conveniently to any terrain – for cleanest swaths and best forage quality. 

Finger-tip control
The TC 1250 is entirely operated from the KRONE control box. Functions like individual rotor-lift out, swath width control or telescoping front arms are selected on the control box and executed by the tractor spools. Thanks to this selector box, the machine requires only one single-acting and one double-acting tractor spool. This gives you maximum operator comfort from an entry-level tractor.

The rotors lift out of work
The front and rear rotors lift out in pairs – sequence-controlled from the control box. Swadro TC 1250 is also available with the optional independent rotor lift-out feature which lifts out the left rotor first and after that the right rotor and vice versa. As a last step, the sequence control raises the rear pair of rotors – a practical feature that is very useful in awkward fields.

The right tires for each job
The transport wheels are clad with 500/50-17 tires as a standard. Wider 620/40 R 22.5 flotation tires are available as an option, offering a larger contact area for gentle treading and minimum compaction in softer soils.



Four and Six- rotor center delivery rake Swadro TC 1250
Work width Single swathing - m 9.80 - 12.50 (32'2"-41')
Work width control - Hydraulic Standard
Swath width - m 1.40 - 2.20 (4'7"-8'6")
Weight - approx. kg (lbs) 4,850 (10,692)
Tractor power approx. kW/hp 59/80
Area output approx. ha/h (acres/h) 11-13(27.2-32.1)
Number 4
Diameter - m 3.30/2.96 (10'10" / 9'9")
Tine Arms  
Number 2 x 11, 2 x 13
Rigid Standard
No. of tines per arm: front/middle/rear 4 /-/4
Tine thickness - mm 10.5
Rotor height control Mechanical Standard
Tires on bogies 16x6.50-8
Separate rotor lift/lower feature Option
Tires on transport chassis  
Standard 500/50-17
Option 620/40 R 22.5
Transport width  
With standard tires - approx. m 2.99 (9'10")
Transport height  
Tine arms (rigid or unfolded) - m 3.99 (13'1")
Storage height  
Tine arms (rigid or unfolded) - m 3.99 (13'1")
Storage length - m 8.28 (27'2")
Tractor attachment  
Lower links Standard