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Krone Swadro 1400 Plus

Krone Swadro 1400 Plus for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone Swadro 1400 Plus for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



  • Variable, up to 13.50 m (44'4") work widths
  • Convenient handling from a choice of KRONE operator terminals or an existing in-cab ISOBUS terminal.
  • Foldable tines (Swadro 1400) or a hydraulically lowering chassis (Swadro 1400 Plus) reduce the transport height to less than 4 m (13'2").


Swadro 1400 and 1400 Plus from KRONE have four rotors that work at variable widths between 11.00 m (36'1") and 13.50 m (44’4) coincide with work rates of up to 13 ha per hour. These machines stand out for enormous acreages, quick changeovers, rapid travel, great longevity and easy use.

Robust and flexible rotors
All rotors have cardanic suspension for best contouring and each rotor has 13 tine arms, each being equipped with four double Lift Tines.

The KRONE Tridem chassis
The tridem-axle bogies have two standard castering wheels clad with wide tyres running on the front and rear axle. The rear axle can take offset castering wheels in a tandem arrangement, offering particularly smooth rotor control and running in difficult terrain. 

Great frame stability
Machines that are operated by contractors and coops are subjected to enormous wear and tear. Therefore we gave Swadro 1400 / 1400 an extra strong beam that will cope with confidence with all challenges.

Optimized driveline
The outboard gearboxes can move to the middle to reduce the strain on the drive shafts. The Swadro 1400 Plus has extra strong drive shafts. The rotors are protected by star ratchet clutches.

High-clearance frame and high lift-out
The special attachment of the rotor arms and the fact that the main beam remains level ensure the rotors can lift out high. A sequence control system always lifts and lowers the leading rotors first and the rear rotors only afterwards to produce uniform ends.

Spring-loaded arms
Massive coil springs on the Swadro 1400 Plus shift much of the weight of the jib and rotor to the main beam, preventing the rotors from sinking into wet ground and ensuring good tracking in sloping fields. Dynamic suspension is an option on the leading rotors and is useful in extremely undulating and boggy terrain where it improves contouring. The system adjusts the rotor suspension automatically and relative to the work width set on the jib, which is done by a hydraulic cylinder on the beam (right photo).

These models score high on high operator comfort, featuring hydraulic work width and swath width control, electric height control, powerful operator terminals and section control. 

Changing work widths hydraulically
The work width on the front and rear rotors is adjusted hydraulically by telescoping the arms, thereby also moving the right-angle gearboxes that drive the front rotors. This system warrants effective overlaps of both ends of the drive shafts irrespective of the current work width.

Variable work and swath widths
Operators can vary the swath width from about 1.40 m to 2.20 m from controls on the rear rotors. The two leading rotors operate at higher speeds than the rear units, spreading the hay for the rear rotors to rake it into uniform and fluffy windrows without roping.

The electric work height control
Controlling the height of the rotors conveniently from a cab-based terminal with large display screen is standard specification on these models. Standard This way, the operator adjusts all rotors at once or each rotor individually. Swadro 1400 Plus allows operators to set the height on one rotor and then have all remaining rotors adopt the current setting automatically.

The Alpha control box
The Alpha control box for the Swadro 1400 gives finger-tip control of rotor  height, work width and windrowing width as well as independent or sequential up/down control of the rotors.

The DS 500 Terminal
The compact DS 500 terminal has a 5.7" color display screen and can be operated with 12 function keys, the touchscreen or the scroll wheel on the back. An optional joystick is available for even more convenient operation.

The CCI 1200 terminal
Offering a large 12inch color touch screen, this terminal splits into three separate views, offering a customized user interface. CCI 1200 is ISOBUS compatible and therefore a universal terminal that is ready for use on other machines as well. For added operator comfort, it also has inputs for an optional joystick (WTK) with customizable controls.

The automatic SectionControl feature is very useful when raking out wedges and awkward patches. Detecting raked areas and raising the rotors, this feature prevents the same patch is raked twice.

The running gear
All Swadro 1400 models have running gears that offer wide track widths, big flotation tires and air brakes for safe running. Giving a transport width of less than 3 m and a transport height of less than 4 m, they can safely travel at 40 km/h (25 mph) on public roads. 


Model Swadro 1400 Plus
Work width mm (inch) 11,000-13,500
Manual work width control - Standard Standard -
Hydraulic work width control
No. of rotors 4
Area output Approx ha/h (acres/h) 12-14 (29.6-34.5)
Transport width mm (inch) 2,995 (9'10")
No. of tine arms 4x13
No. of double tines 208
Separate rotor lift/lower feature Standard
Rotor diameter mm (inch) 3,600/3,300
Manual work depth control
Electric work depth control
Central swath deflector Optional
Lowering running gear Standard
Tire size on bogies 16x6.50-8
Tire size on running gear 500/50-17/10 PR
(560/45-22.5 PR)
Power requirement Approx. kW/hp 59/80
Weight Approx kg (lbs) 5,400 (11,905)
Two-point hitch Standard
Drawbar Option
Storage length mm (inch) 8,500 (27'11")
Folding tine arms
Rigid tine arms
Storage height at minimum work width
Machine with rigid tine arms mm (inch)
Machine with folded tine arms mm (inch)

3,995 (13'1")