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Krone BiG Pack HighSpeed 1270

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  • BiG Pack 890: slimline machine for handy sized bales
  • BiG Pack 1270: single or double knotters with optional MultiBale function
  • BiG Pack 1290: the world’s most popular bale size
  • BiG Pack 4 x 4: high throughput and the world’s biggest square bales

KRONE big balers are shining examples of exceptional baling density, output and convenience. With their different chamber dimensions and many unique features, the BiG Pack 890 (XC), 1270 (XC), 1290 (XC) and 4 x 4 (XC) deliver exceptional performance in straw, hay and other crops the world over. Every BiG Pack produces consistently stable bales – from small packs to the biggest bales on the market.

BiG Pack 1270 (XC): This machine produces bales measuring 120 cm (3'11") wide x 70 cm (2'4") high – one of the most popular bale sizes, particularly in Europe. Choose between single and double knotters. This machine is also available as a MultiBale version, enabling you to pack up to 9 small packs in one big bale. In this case you’ll need a double knotter and the on-board Comfort electronic system.


Model BiG Pack
Chamber width & height approx. mm  
Bale length approx. mm  
Power requirement from kW/HP  
Pick-up working width DIN approx. mm  
Length in transport position approx. mm  
Length in working position approx. mm 9,180 (30'1")
Height approx. mm  
Width approx. mm  
Weight approx. kg (lbs)  
Tires single axle 40 km/h (25 mph)
Tires tandem axle 50 km/h (31 mph)
550/45 22.5 16 PR
620/40 R22.5 148 D
Brakes* 2-circuit
compressed air*
String Storage rolls 32
Single knotter standard
Double knotter optional
Knives max.
Minimum cutting length mm
Stroke length mm 750 (2'5.5")
Ram strokes per minute 45
PTO shaft Wide angle with
overrun clutch