Krone EasyCut 2801 CV » Columbus, Elmer, Marlboro, Hammonton, Columbia, NJ
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Krone EasyCut 2801 CV

Krone EasyCut 2801 CV for sale at Columbus, Elmer, Marlboro, Hammonton, Columbia, NJ

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Krone EasyCut 2801 CV for sale at Columbus, Elmer, Marlboro, Hammonton, Columbia, NJ



  • Compact design
  • Extremely agile More than 90° turn angle
  • Ideal in round and round operations. Turns on the spot
  • Center-of-gravity suspension DuoGrip
  • EasyCut 3600 CV: approx. 3.40 m (11'2") transport width

The trailed and powerful EasyCut disc mowers with side- mounted drawbar have proven extraordinarily well all over the world. Compact by design, these machines feature a strong double frame and a side-mounted drawbar for mowing round and round. These mowers are a revelation of advanced mower technology.

Harvest at maximum rates – when opening up a field, turning on the headland or cutting around bends, corners and in angles. The trailed EasyCut disc mower with side-mounted drawbar and swivel gearbox gives you the flexibility of mowing round and round without lifting the machine out of work, without reversing and without ever stopping. Thanks to the short drawbar, these disc mowers are extremely compact and pull easily. Also, they have proven exceptionally effective in small fields and stand out for superb tracking. KRONE disc mowers always run on the right side and are always cutting edge.


  EasyCut 2801 CV
Drawbar version side-mount
Work width                                              approx. mm 2,710 (8'11")
Transport width                                       approx. mm 2,565 (8'5")
No. of discs 4
No. of top hats 2
SafeCut Standard
Quick-change blades Standard
Bolted knives Option
High-cutting skids Option
Conditioner V-steel tines
Rotor diameter                                                      mm 642 (2'1")
Roller diameter                                                     mm
Conditioner speed                                               rpm 600/900
Wide conditioner system                                     mm 2,050 (6'9")
Wide spreading guide plates Option
Cross conveyor belt
Hydraulic conversion Swath boards Option
Tire size / work position 15.0/55-17/10 PR
Tires Transport 15.0/55-17/10 PR
Area output approx.                                          ha/h
3.0 - 3.5
(7.4 - 8.6)
Input power                                                    kW/hp 51 / 70
PTO speed 1,000 rpm Standard
PTO speed 540 rpm Option
Hydraulic couplers 1 x sa
1 x da
Air brake system