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Krone EasyCut B 870 CV

Krone EasyCut B 870 CV for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone EasyCut B 870 CV for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



A KRONE exclusive!
The patented balancer arm allows adjusting the spring tension on both rear mowers to maintain a consistent ground pressure, warranting highest quality cuts, clean forage, light pulling and effective protection of the valuable sward.

No need to leave the cab
All oil hoses are tidily stored in holders when the machine is parked up and off er easy coupling thanks to numbered handles on their ends.

Straightforward driveline
The tractor power flows into a central gearbox which is positioned inside the head stock and which drives the two wings.

Double-acting hydraulic rams control the mowers dependably when lowering them into work in sloping fields whilst single-acting rams raise the machines into headland position.

Pivot limiter
A ram limits the range through which each of the centre-of-gravity suspension mowers pivots to the side when in headland or transport position, thereby suspending the machine clear of the ground at all times.


Model EasyCut B 870 CV
Work width  approx. mm 8,700 (28'7")
Work width per rear mower  approx. mm 3,165 (10'5")
Total transport width  approx. mm 2,780 (9'2")
Storage height  approx. mm 3,800 (12'6")
Transport height at 250 / 200
mm ground clearance     approx. mm
3,800 (12'6")
No. of discs* 10
No. of top hats* 4
Quick-changing blades Standard
SafeCut Standard
Conditioner V-steel tines
Rotor diameter  approx. mm 640 (2'1")
Conditioner speed    rpm 600/900