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Krone EasyCut B 870

Krone EasyCut B 870 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone EasyCut B 870 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



EasyCut B 870 · B 1000

Butterfly combinations without conditioners

  • Variable, up to 10.00 m work widths on EasyCut B 1000
  • Weight-optimized headstock reduces rear axle weight and ground pressure.
  • Adjustable non-stop break-back system is a standard feature
  • SmartCut and SafeCut ensure perfect cuts and maximum uptime
  • Hydraulic suspension is as a standard feature
  • The mower arms adjust to one two positions (EasyCut B 870) or infinitely variably (EasyCut B 1000) to provide optimum overlapping
  • Optimum overlapping eliminates striping in curves and on slopes
  • Hydraulic ground pressure control conveniently from the cab
  • Safe road travel thanks to 95° transport angle. Less than 4 m transport height and 3 m width.
  • Compact storage position on sturdy stands
  • LED lights and reflecting warning panels are standard specification


The EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 are two high-capacity mower combinations. They feature leading edge technology and a new styling plus a weight-optimised headstock with hydraulic suspension that helps protect the sward and also attaches to smaller tractors.

EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 are no-compromise machines. The infinitely variable arm length control adapts overlaps to the current conditions without compromising on acreage and output.

Close to the tractor
The weight-optimised headstock is coupled in the three-point linkage with three-fold buttressed pins, a design that moves the centre of gravity closer to the tractor, enabling the use of smaller tractors.

Optimum protection
The headstock is protected by a new cover. The befitting curtains on the mower decks are thin and taut, reducing the build-up of material and protecting the cutterbar from damage by stones.

Adjustable break-back system
The mower combinations have a standard non-stop breakback system that offers an infinitely variable trip force set on a coil spring. When the machine hits an obstacle the system trips immediately and the mower swings up to 1.60 m rear and upwards. Once the obstacle has been passed the cutterbar moves automatically back into work position.

Ideal powerflow
The mower combination is powered by a 1,000 rpm pto. The main gearbox in the middle splits the powerflow and sends it to the downstream pto shafts. The driveline is protected by break-back systems and overrunning clutches.

Perfect in corners
The independent machine lift-out feature, a standard specification, makes it easy to cut awkward corners. Simply select the specific mower on the control box and then raise it hydraulically.

Hydraulic suspension
The DuoGrip centre of gravity suspension allows all mowers in the combination to maintain a consistent ground pressure across the entire working width. You simply set the pressure hydraulically from the cab. It is then indicated on the pressure gauge. The system delivers optimum contouring and perfect cuts.

Compact combination
Measuring only less than 4m high and less than 3m wide, these mower combinations absorb very little storage space. They are parked on sturdy stands. Extra stability on the EasyCut B 1000 comes from an outrigger on the cutterbar and hoop guards (option on EasyCut B 870).

Automatically locked for transport
Hydraulic check valves lock and release the mowers automatically when these are moved into work or transport position.

Safe travel
The mowers fold into a 95° transport position, slightly leaning to the middle. The end curtains drop automatically into transport position as the units fold into the vertical.


Model EasyCut
B 870
Work width                                                 approx. mm 8.31/8.62
Work width per rear mower                          approx. mm 3.16 (10'4")
Total transport width                                    approx. mm 2.99 (9'10")
Storage height                                            approx. mm 3.40 (11'11")
Transport height at 250 / 200 mm ground
clearance                                                    approx. mm
3.60 (11'10")
No. of discs* 10
No. of top hats* 4
Quick-changing blades Standard
SafeCut Standard
Rotor diameter                                             approx. mm
Conditioner speed                                                    rpm
Merger augers
Merger belts -
PTO speed                                                                rpm 1.000
Hydraulic couplers 1 sa, 1 da
Compatible with load-sensing systems
Dead weight*                                           approx. kg (lbs) 1.350
Tractor power                                                     kW/hp 88/120
Area output  (approx. min)                            ha / h (acre) 8 - 11 (19.8 - 27.2)

*without front mower ** or load sensing. The standard control unit requires two extra double-acting spools.