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Krone EasyCut F 360 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone EasyCut F 360 for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



The cutterbar

A dependable design

  • Fully welded cutterbar – strong in build, leak proof and permanently lubricated
  • Long-lasting satellite gears with massive spur gears make for quiet running and maximum efficiency
  • No inner shoe – no blockages

EasyCut – the better cut The wedge-shaped cutterbar adjusts through a large setting range to cut short stubble in meadows and pastures and longer stubble in longstemmed field crops. EasyCut cuts blockage-free and clean. Benefitting from massive double spur gear bearings that are spaced at large gaps, the cutterbars are heavy-duty and hardwearing.

The original: The KRONE developed satellite driveline comprises massive spur gears with up to 66 teeth which transfer the power all the way down to the very last disc. Revolving at lower speeds, the large-diameter gears always have a number of teeth in mesh at any one time, giving quiet running, ultimate efficiency and maximum longevity. With each of the auxiliary gears driving just one disc, it is exposed to only minimum mechanical strain.


Individual protection for each disc

  • Full driveline protection
  • Neighbouring discs will not collide
  • No wear and damage
  • Quick roll pin change, minimum costs

Peace of mind: Instead of transferring the full shockload to the spur gears, the roll pin in the sprocket driveshaft breaks when there is a momentary overload. The pinion shaft continues spinning, jacking up the disc in question and the disc moves out of the risk zone and the orbit of the neighbouring discs. This way SafeCut prevents damage to the spur gears and the neighbouring discs. Replacing the roll pin takes a few minutes and is not very costly.

Powered top hats

  • Powered top hats windrow the material for the tractor to straddle it
  • Uniform windrow presentation
  • A continuous and consistent crop flow


A perfect system: EasyCut F 280 and F 320 are mowers that adapt to any type of ground contours – in and across the direction of travel. The pushed design allows for plenty of up and down travel – the ideal design for rough terrain. In addition, the compact build offers an excellent overview in the field and an excellent transport stability for safe travel on public roads. As it mounts close to the tractor, the linkage travels through a smaller angle and less strain is put on the driveshaft.

Quality forage stems from quality cuts: The KRONE front mower impresses by ease of operation, a clear design and outstanding functionality. The compact and light mower is pushed over the surface. Suspended by a pivoting headstock in its centre of gravity and close to the tractor's front wheels, the unit benefits from very little travel to produce perfect cuts, fast crop re-growth and uncontaminated forage.

The secret behind perfect windrowing: The KRONE EasyCut F 280 and EasyCut F 320 front mowers feature massive top hats, which sit on the right and left end of the cutterbar. Arranged behind the discs, they feed the material in a continuous flow to the rear. So the tractor wheels will not run on the crop but straddle the windrow and the harvester will gather it easily and without loss.


Model EasyCut
F 360
Work width                          Approx. mm 3,570 (11'9")
Transport width                  Approx. mm 3,450 (11'4")
Pivoting headstock Standard
No. of discs 6
No. of drums 2
No. of top hats 2 / 4 opt.
SafeCut Standard
Quick-change blades Standard
Windrow width from
2 top hats                           Approx. mm
1,800 (5'11")
Windrow width from
4 top hats                           Approx. mm
1,500 (5'11")
PTO speed                                       rpm 1,000
Dead weight                 Approx. kg (lbs) 920 (2,028)
Power requirement        Approx. kW/hp 55 / 80
Work rate                         Approx. ha/h
4.0 - 4.5
(9.9 - 11.1)
Hydr. side guards
(1 da spool required)