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Krone Easy Cut F 400 CV Fold

Krone Easy Cut F 400 CV Fold for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ

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Krone Easy Cut F 400 CV Fold for sale at Central Jersey Equipment, NJ



The benefits

Driven by the pto shaft and a gearbox, the conditioner benefits from a frictional connection and maximum efficiency. Changing the speed from 600rpm to 900rpm is easy and takes no tool. The new gearbox has a very flat design so more space is left to accommodate the patented folding mechanism.

Road safety

To prepare the machine for road travel, the two swathing drums on either side swing behind the tractor wheels. This does not cut the driveline and the discs remain in cutting position. The slewing gearbox which provides the connection is powered and secured hydraulically – all done automatically from the cab. The design translates into a less than 3 m transport width.

Maximum operator comfort

The EasyCut F 400 CV Fold has hydraulic end guards as standard so operators can fold them up/down from the seat. Folding the guards or the cutterbars into position requires only one double acting spool.

Stepless conditioner control

The conditioner speed is set either by refitting a pin or steplessly by operating a crank. This adjusts the baffle plate depending on crop requirements.

For large masses of material

Even high yielding forage crops such as green rye pass through the machine in a smooth flow – thanks to the massive conditioner and swath plates that present the material in a narrow swath between the front tyres of the tractor.

Maximum overlap

The EasyCut F 400 CV Fold comes into its own when combined with the KRONE Butterfly mowers, producing stripe-free cuts in challenging or sloping fields.

Best adaptation to the ground

The hydraulic mower suspension and the new headstock provide more than 1 m up/down travel and perfect contouring.

Adjustable swath width

The standard swathing plates swath the material to any width and infinitely variably. The plates are stored on the machine when not needed.


Model EasyCut F 400 CV Fold
Work width                                                      Approx. m 4.04 (13'3")
Transport width                                              Approx. m 3.00 (9'10")
PUSH design Standard
PULL design -
No. of discs 5
No. of drums 4
SafeCut Standard
Swath width                                                   approx. m 1.30-2.70 (4'3"-8'10")
CV tine conditioner Standard
Mechanical gearbox for CV conditioner           600 or 900 rpm Standard
Roller conditioner -
Top roller drive -
Wide spreading deflector boards -
PTO speed                                                                   rpm 1,000
Dead weight (PUSH)                          approx. kg (lbs) 1750 (3858)
Dead weight (PULL)                           approx. kg (lbs) -
Tractor power                                    Approx. kW/hp 74/100
Hydraulic ground pressure control Standard (1 x sa)
Hydraulic side guard folding Standard (1 x da)
Area output                                     Approx. ha/h (acres/h)   4.0-5.0

All specifications, weights and dimensions do not necessarily comply with standard specifications and are therefore not binding. All product specifications are subject to change.