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Frontier LP1207

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  • Adjustable skid shoes - Skid shoes increase the life of the cutting edges on the land planes while avoiding damage to the working surface. The skid shoes are adjustable up and down on each side plate to allow creating a crown on a road for water runoff. By replacing skid shoes when needed will extend the life of the land plane.
  • Scarifier kit
  • Scarifier shanks for ripping up hard ground - Scarifier shanks on the front frame will rip up hard ground pans, and they work well for aggressive grading and leveling. The scarifier shanks can be easily adjusted for depth control.


Manufacturer John Deere
Model LP1207
Working width 84 in. (213.4 cm)
Operating 998 lb (452.69 kg)
Shipping 1048 lb (475.4 kg)
Implement code 57.6
Tractor compatibility 
Required PTO horsepower 35-75 hp (26.1-55.9 kW)
3-point compatibility Category 1 and 2
iMatch™ compatible (Cat. 1) ---
Quick-coupler compatible (Cat. 2) Yes
Pull-type ---
Cutting edge 
Type ---
Reverisble Yes
Replaceable Yes
Quantity 2
Size, in. (cm) 0.5x6 in. (1.3x15.2 cm)
Skid shoes 
Configuration Steel - Adjustable
Thickness 0.375 in. (0.95 cm)
Height adjustment range 1.5 in. (3.81 cm)
Configuration One unit
Set-up time 
Labor hours 0.25
Time period 1 year
Scarifier shanks 
Adjustable Yes - Notched 3 position
Available Yes
Points Replaceable
Quantity 4
Tubular scarifier beam size 4x4 in (10.16x10.16 cm)
Tubular scarifier beam thickness 0.375 in. (0.95 cm)