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Frontier CA2060

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The CA20 Series Standard-Duty Core Aerator has eight aerating spoons per hub to more effectively penetrate heavy thatch and tough soils to break up soil compaction and revitalize lawns. The extra spoons allow you to work at a faster speed, drastically increasing efficiency.

The iMatch hitch system converts the tractor’s 3-point hitch to fixed hooks and attaching points allowing a quick, efficient attachment process.

This technology saves money and reduces the number of bushing replacements. Minimal wear and tear on the bushings increases rotor life.

The sand weight tanks are two optional containers that give the core aerator an extra pressure boost when working with highly compacted soil.

The CA2060 20 Series Standard-Duty Core Aerator holds up to 170 lb of sand, and the CA2072 20 Series Standard-Duty Core Aerator holds up to 220 lb of sand. This ensures even the most stubborn turf gets the amount of attention needed to create top-notch results.


Manufacturer John Deere
Model CA2060
Working width, cm (in.) 152.40 cm (60 in.)
Overall width, cm (in.) 165.10 cm (65 in.)
Shipping, kg (lb) 226.80 kg (500 lb)
Approximate operating, kg (lb) 201.39 kg (444 lb)
Tractor compatibility 
Horsepower 25 hp to 70 hp
Weight tray 
Dimensions, cm (in.) 48.26x53.34 cm (19x21 in)
Quantity Two
Capacity, kg (lb) Total for both trays: 154.22 kg (340 lb)
Type Case hardened steel: 1.91 cm (0.75 in.)
Penetration, cm (in.) 11.43 cm (4.5 in.)
Quantity per hub Eight
Type 3-point, Cat. 1, Cat. 2
iMatchTM compatible ---
Set-up time 
Labor hours 0.5
Time period 1 year