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  • NJFB mombile john deere rewards

    NJ Farm Bureau

    The NJFB directors approved an AFBF-arranged benefit program with John Deere September 2017. NJ Farm Bureau members will receive special access to John Deere's Rewards program, providing members with a free two-year Platinum 2 membership. It's easy to become a GreenFleet member. Just sign up for John Deere Rewards program using a valid member ID and zip code for membership verification, and become a Platinum 2 level by visiting . Farm Bureau members are eligible for the following benefits as Platinum 2 status member in discounts on the following categories of equipment:

    o $350-$3,200 off Commercial Mowing
    o $100-$250 off Residential Mowing
    o $200-$350 off Utility Vehicles
    o $200-$350 off Tractors
    o $500-$3,700 off Golf & Sports Turf
    o 17% off MSRP -Commercial Worksite



    Go to to learn about the discounts and other benefits of being a Platinum 2 member. Other details and restrictions -note: GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards benefits are only available at John Deere dealerships. Purchases from other stores will count towards GreenFleet status, but are not eligible for a GreenFleet discount.

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  • Referral program JD

    Referral Program

    Receive a CJE gift certificate for referring someone who purchases any of the following items:

    New John Deere Commercial Mower/Utility Vehicle: $100.00 CJE gift certificate

    New John Deere 1000-4000 series Tractor: $150.00 CJ E gift certificate 

    New John Deere 5000 series/John Deere Hay Equipment: $200.00 CJE gift certificate