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    Green Fever

    Good through Jan 31, 2018

    Green Fever is back! Make sure to download your exclusive bonus coupon before you head to your local John Deere dealer.

    Combine BONUS SAVINGS with current Green Fever pricing and special financing to make the best deals possible on some of our best machines.

    Bonus Savings

    $250 Off 1*

    Save big on Compact Utility Tractors ranging from 23 to 66 engine horsepower.

    These smaller, easy-to-use tractors boast comfort, convenience and reliability, without compromising power or capability. With a full range of features available, including AutoConnect™ Drive-over Mower Decks, Quik-Park™ Loaders, cabs and open stations, the 1 through 4 Family Compact Utility Tractors easily tackle chores like loading, digging, mowing and more.


    $500 Off 2*

    Our 5 Family workhorses are built to help you attack just about any task on your farm or ranch.

    With models boasting 50 to 115 engine horsepower, chores like baling, moving feed, loading and material handling can be completed with ease. Choose from a range of features – like 2WD, MFWD, cab and open station – to create the perfect utility tractor for your operation.


    $500 Off 3*

    Built for operators facing big days and a long list of different chores, the rugged 6 Family Tractors provide the comfort and convenience you crave with the power you need.

    With 105 to 215 horsepower, these tractors bring a higher level of performance while still staying nimble to get things done. Save on all series – including our 6E value-spec, 6M mid-level and premium 6R.


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    10% OFF STIHL

    10% OFF in stock Stihl whole goods. (12/11 to 12/22)

  • NJFB mombile vs fall 17

    NJ Farm Bureau

    The NJFB directors approved an AFBF-arranged benefit program with John Deere September 2017. NJ Farm Bureau members will receive special access to John Deere's GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program, providing members with a free two-year Platinum 2 membership. It's easy to become a GreenFleet member. Just sign up for John Deere GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards program using a valid member ID and zip code for membership verification, and become a Platinum 2 level by visiting https://www.deere.com/en/campaigns/ag­turf/greenfleet/associations/farmbureau/ . Farm Bureau members are eligible for the following benefits as Platinum 2 status member in discounts on the following categories of equipment:

    o $350-$3,200 off Commercial Mowing
    o $100-$250 off Residential Mowing
    o $200-$350 off Utility Vehicles
    o $200-$350 off Tractors
    o $500-$3,700 off Golf & Sports Turf
    o 17% off MSRP -Commercial Worksite



    Go to https://www.deere.com/en/campaigns/ag­turf/greenfieet/ to learn about the discounts and other benefits of being a Platinum 2 member. Other details and restrictions -note: GreenFleet Loyalty Rewards benefits are only available at John Deere dealerships. Purchases from other stores will count towards GreenFleet status, but are not eligible for a GreenFleet discount.

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    Referral Program

    Receive a CJE gift certificate for referring someone who purchases any of the following items:

    New John Deere Commercial Mower/Utility Vehicle: $100.00 CJE gift certificate

    New John Deere 1000-4000 series Tractor: $150.00 CJ E gift certificate 

    New John Deere 5000 series/John Deere Hay Equipment: $200.00 CJE gift certificate