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Residential XUV865R

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HVAC details

Automotive-style controls on the center of the dash - easy and convenient to reach for the operator or passengers

  • Four dash vents         
    • Adjustable louvers and face plates
  • Windshield vents mounted on the top of the dash         
    • Fast defrost
    • Efficient air flow
  • Air filter on the passenger side of the cab at foot level
  • Three fan speeds         
    • 0: off
    • 1: low
    • 2: medium
    • 3: high
  • Temperature adjustment knob         
    • Counterclockwise for cooler temperature
    • Clockwise for warmer temperature
  • Four air flow modes         
    • Dash vents
    • Dash and floor vents
    • Defroster vents and floor vents
    • Defroster vents
  • HVAC compressor on/off button         
    • Pushing the button once turns the air conditioning on - indicator light illuminates blue
    • Push the button again to turn off the air conditioning
  • Air flow constant with compressor on or off
  • Turn compressor off for full engine power
  • Gas machines have an idle bump to raise rpms to assist driving more power for the HVAC system         
    • 1075 rpm in any gear at idle with air conditioning on
    • 1400 rpm when in neutral and the park brake is engaged


Sorry, currently there are no specs but check back with us later.