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The John Deere 7R Series combines the versatility of a utility tractor with the power of a row-crop tractor. A new chassis that lets you ballast the tractor for hayfields or cornfields, while a longer wheelbase and shorter length gives you a power-dense tractor for improved maneuverability and stability. Two new transmission options help you save fuel. The spacious CommandView™ II Cab offers the best in technology and comfort. Plus, the optional cab suspension system helps provide a super-smooth ride.


Manufacturer John Deere
Model MY11 7200R; 200 engine (164 PTO) hp
Nebraska Test number Nebraska OECD 2021, Summary #820
Manufacturer John Deere
Aspiration Dual Series Turbocharger w/fixed geometry first stage-variable geometry second stage - air-to-air aftercooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation
Cylinders/ Displacement, cu. in. (L) 6/415 (6.8)
Cylinder Liners Wet
Fuel tank capacity, US Gal. (L) (Open; Cab) ---
Standard Quad Transmission with group 47/48 tires: 133 (504)
Optional N/A
Underhood muffler N/A
Engine family  
Advertised PTO hp (kW) @ Rated rpm 164 (123) @ 2100 per SAE
Official PTO hp (kW) @ Rated rpm 169.95 (126.73) @ 2099 RPM
@ Standard PTO @ Eng rpm 190.62 (142.14) @ 1967 RPM
Maximum @ Eng rpm 197.02 (146.92) @ 1749 RPM
Advertised Engine hp (kW) @ Rated speed 200 (147) @ 2100 per 97/68EC PS
Max Unballast Drwbr hp (kW) @ Eng rpm 154.77 (115.41) @ 2100 RPM
Maximum Torque (PTO) @ rpm, lb-ft (Nm) 635 (861) @ 1599 RPM
Max Torque Rise (80% rtd spd) @ Eng rpm ---
Maximum Torque Rise % (PTO) @ Eng rpm 49.3% @ 1599 RPM
PTO @ Rated Eng rpm 10.27 (16.54) @ 2099 RPM
Standard PTO Speed @ Eng speed 11.02 (17.30) @ 1967 RPM
Maximum PTO Power @ Eng rpm 11.06 (17.81) @ 1749 RPM
Maximum Engine Power @ Eng rpm 11.16 (16.17) in 11th (C3) Gear @ 1750 RPM
Max Unballasted Drawbar Power @ Eng rpm 10.21 (15.16) in 7th (B3) Gear @ 2100 RPM
75% Load, Full Engine rpm (Unballasted) 8.69 (13.70) in 7th (B3) Gear @ 2157 RPM
75% Load @ Reduced rpm (Unballasted) 7.61 (15.62) in 10th (C2) Gear @ 1631 RPM
Std. Transmission; Forward/Reverse AutoQuad PLUS 20/20,
Opt. Transmission; Forward/Reverse PowerQuad PLUS 16/16; CommandQuad Eco 20/20; IVT
Reverser Optional left hand or right hand with IVT
On -the -Go Shifting (Yes/No/Partial) Yes
Clutch; Wet/Dry Wet
Creeper Yes, IVT
Standard 1-3/4-in. 20 spline 1000
Optional 1-3/4-in., 20-spline, 1,000-rpm with 1-3/8 in. 540*/1000 rpm gearcase
PTO Speeds @ Engine rpm (540/1000 PTO rpm @ 1950 engine rpm)(540E/1000E PTO rpm @ 1750 engine rpm)
PTO Actuation Electrohydraulic
Type Closed center; pressure and flow compensated
Pump Rated Output, GPM (L/min.) ---
Standard 32 (121)
Optional 43 (162); 59 (222)
Rated Flow @ One SCV, GPM (L/min.) 35 (132)
Max Output @ SCV Couplers, GPM (L/min.) 35.3 (134.8) @ 1 SCV
Maximum Operating Pressure, psi (kPa) 2958 (20,400)
Maximum Hydraulic Power, hp (kW) 48.7 (36.3)
Hitch Draft Control Load Sense Type Electrohydraulic
Remote Control Valves Available 3 standard (4, 5, or 6 optional)
Hitch Category (SAE Designation) 3/3N
Hitch Lift Cap. lb (kg) @24 in. Bhnd Lift Pt. ---
OECD 12,408 (5628.2)
Standard 12,000 (5443)
Optional 15,200 (6895)
Hitch Lift Cap. lb (kg) @24 in. Bhnd Lift Pt. (SAE) ---
Standard N/A
Optional N/A
Hitch Lift Cap. lb (kg) @24 in. Bhnd Lift Pt. (ASAE) ---
Standard N/A
Optional N/A
Sensing type Electrohydraulic
Joystick SCV control Optional
Type Inboard planetary
Differential controls Electrohydraulic
Availability Yes
Front Yes
Front & Rear Yes
Engage On -the -Go Rear Differential Lock Yes
Axle Type Bar with rack and pinion
Brakes, Type and Control Hydraulic wet disk
Rollover Protective Structure, OOS ---
Rigid - Foldable - Telescopic Rigid (cab)
Platform - Flat/Straddle Flat
Gearshift Location - Console/Floor Right-hand console/CommandARM
Cab ---
Doors 1 on left side
Platform - Flat/Straddle Flat
dB(A) Rating 68.1
Seat Suspension System Air standard (ActiveSeat optional or cab suspension optional)
Wheelbase, in. (mm) N/A
Front Tread Range, in. (mm) N/A
Rear Tread Range, in. (mm) N/A
Minimum Rear Tread Setting, in. (mm) N/A
Front Axle Clearance, in. (mm) N/A
Turning Radius w/Brakes, ft (m) N/A
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m) N/A
Unballasted Operating Weight, lb (kg) N/A
Approx. Ship Wgt, lb (kg) Open; Cab N/A
Wheelbase, in. (mm) 115.2 (2925) MFWD; 119.4 (3032) 2WD
Front Tread Range, in. (mm) 60-88 (1524-2235) depending on tire size and axle
Front Axle Clearance, in. (mm) ---
Turning Radius w/Brakes, ft (m) Varies by configuration. Refer to operator's manual
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m) Varies by configuration. Refer to operator's manual
Limited Slip Differential Available on certain axles
Unballasted Operating Weight, lb (kg) N/A
Approx. Ship Wgt, lb (kg) Open; Cab 18104 (8212) 2WD; 23080 (10469) MFWD, CQT 2-450 lbs inners wheel weights,480/80R46 duals, 380/80R38 fronts
Wheelbase, in. (mm) N/A
Wheel Tread, Min. to Max. in. (mm) N/A
Turning Radius w/o Brakes, ft (m) N/A
Nebraska Test Unballasted w/Duals, lb (kg) N/A
Unballasted Weight, lb (kg) N/A
2WD ---
Front N/A
Rear N/A
MFWD ---
Front 420/90R30
Rear 480/80R46
Track widths N/A
Country of Manufacture Waterloo, IA USA
Ballasting Restrictions, lb (kg) Refer to operator's manual
*Notes Updated: 10/25/2012