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Agriculture 615P Belt Pickup Platform

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  • Hydraulic adjustable windscreen maximizes control
  • Dual-belt draper pickup
  • Steel auger fingers
  • Fixed gauge wheels reduce width of platform


Manufacturer John Deere
Model 615P
Transport widths  5,438 mm 
   210.5 in. 
Header height control  Hydraulic  
Pickup Belts  
Width of belts  1,130 mm 
   44.5 in. 
Number of belts per pickup  4 picking, 4 transfer  
Total picking width  4,546 mm 
   179 in. 
Operating speed of belts  3-150 m/min 
   10-475 fpm 
Number of rollers  2 picking, 2 transfer  
Pickup Fingers  
Type  Plastic  
Number of fingers per belt  84  
Float range  57 mm 
   2.25 in. 
Diameter  662 mm 
   26 in. 
Auger fingers  Heavy-duty, round, diameter with breakaway notch 15.9 mm 
   0.625 in. 
Number of auger fingers  19 STS, maximum 22  
Auger finger pattern  In-line, retracting  
Finger reach  152 mm 
   6 in. 
Operating speed  At 520 feederhouse speed 180 rpm 
Pressure  1 bar 103.4 kPa 
   15 psi 
Approximate shipping weight (includes shipping skids)  1,520 kg 
   3,350 lb